Looking out the window

January 20, 2009

Right now I am trying to put my analysis of Socialist People’s Party’s behaviour around the Maastricht-treaty and the Edinburgh agreement referendums. The question is whether or not their policy changed from one referendum to the other referendum… pretty interesting actuarially. Well we are trying to see if Kaare Strom’s theory about political party behaviour fits the case. What I have found or perhaps rediscovered is the therapeutic influence of looking out the window – how words come much easier then you look away from the screen and out on the world. Isn’t that an interesting fact that it is easier to word something then you look at something that has nothing to do with what I am writing about?

I have turned in the other paper I was working on – I seriously hope that it is good enough but I am not sure – I am not sure the finds were interesting enough. I had the felling that it ended up being rather thin. Well I will know in a month’s time. Until then I can’t do anything but to focus on what I am doing and try to stop worrying about it