In short it is my blog about being a history student and about my thought about history both as a subject in general, as university study and about specific historical events that I think about.

So who am I? I am a 26 year old woman from Denmark. I study history and political science – with my focus more on the history then on the political science – no doubt about that. I study at Aarhus University and am in my third year of studies. Right now I am trying to get my bachelor project together and this fall I started on my supplementary study in political science.

I have a deep passion for podcasted lectures and I listen to quite a big number of them on many different subjects, so I might end up talking about some pretty strange things. Right now I am listening to a podcast about art and the new media from Barkley University. I will try to keep you people posted on what I am listing to right now and give you links to the good podcasts.