Monday thoughts

December 15, 2008

I finally was able to sit down and write some of the introduction to my BA project. I always have a hard time with beginnings, so it is a relief to get started. I was studying for my exam on Thursday – reading a chapter on force and power. It was about discourse analysis and it made me think about my project and why it is relevant to look at how we viewed Germany. I have had a sub consciousness understanding of it all along, but I was now finally able to make the understanding conscious and put it into words. To me that is what good theory should be able to do – help you express the understandings you have as well as challenge and push them. I do not really believe in putting things into boxes for the sake of putting them into boxes. If you fell the need to categorize something it has to be because you want to use that category to something – otherwise it is just utterly pointless.

Rizt or was it Rich’s…

It seem that the extreme bombardment of Rich’s advertisements in the newspapers I looked at last week didn’t even managed to brand their name into me properly. The product was called Rich’s not Rizt as my mom told me this weekend.


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